What is Revive Health & Happiness?

Revive is a psychology practice, encapsulating Principal Clinical Psychologist Lisa Irving’s 24 years experience in psychology, and ideas of how to reach and benefit more people.   Psychological services include individual counselling, group therapy and training programmes in a range of areas designed to prevent psychological problems, teach people how to work with their emotions and treat psychological problems.

Revive Health & Happiness

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The most important question

And what is the most important question?

We know that when you make the decision to attend, that we will be able to provide psychological services which teach you how to navigate your emotions and thoughts in a helpful way.

So what is the most important question? It is a question designed to remind you that you are the one who makes the decisions that determine how your life will be.  Remembering that any one decision can have a ripple effect through your life.  Even not deciding is a decision in itself.

And the question is, “ How do you talk yourself into doing something that takes bravery?”

The question acknowledges that for most people, particularly those who have not seen a psychologist before, that an image of fear is developed.  Fear causes people to avoid, withdraw, blame or dispute (the value of doing something helpful) resulting in inaction.  Learning something new about yourself can create change.

The Team at Revive

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It is relatively common for employers to offer counseling through an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) counseling service. The employer agrees with the EAP service that they will pay for counseling for their employees and for their family members.

The idea behind it is that people will step forward for counseling sooner than later, preventing problems from magnifying or worsening. The problems do not need to be work related, as it is recognized that problems outside of work can also affect work performance, productivity and well-being.

Sometimes workers develop a distrust of the EAP service, believing that the employer will know that they have attended or that information will be forwarded on to their employer. Psychologists must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patient’s information at all times, and the information is not allowed to be provided to the employer under any circumstances.

For this and other reasons, sometimes a worker might prefer to see an independent psychologist not connected to their workplace. Revive Health and Happiness can always help, but if you would like our services to be paid for by your employer, you will need to get approval from your management first.

Other than the payment details, no information would be sent to your employer regarding attendance with us an independent psychologists.

Doctors, psychiatrists and pediatricians often refer to psychologists when psychological treatments are likely to be beneficial. The doctor provides medical advice and treatment which may include prescribing medications proven to help with specific mental health problems, and the psychologist provides education, psychological skills and strategies to help with specific mental health problems.

The psychologist often provides a brief letter to the treating doctor to indicate the patient’s progress.

If either the psychologist or the doctors has some concerns or would like to arrange referral for other treatments, they may telephone one another. This would only occur with the patient’s consent.

Make an appointment with your GP and talk to them about your feelings. If your General Practitioner believes you have a mental health condition that can be helped by a psychologist with a Medicare rebate, they will be happy to provide you with a GP Mental Health Care Plan that includes a referral.

When you get the referral, you can ask it to be addressed to us at Revive Health and Happiness in East Perth, or even if the doctor’s referral names a different psychology practice, you can still use it with us if you prefer.

Also, when you make your doctor’s appointment, we suggest asking if you need to book a double appointment for a GP Mental Health Plan to be completed on the same day. Some medical practices do this to allow the doctor sufficient time to complete the required paperwork.

Click here for more information on the Australian Government’s Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners through the MBS (Better Access) initiative.

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