So You’ve Just Received Your Child’s First NDIS Plan

You’ve done the hard work, gone to all the meetings, and now your child has funding in their plan – what do you do now?

If you access a local area coordinator, support coordinator or early childhood partner, they will help you connect with the services your child needs.

Your child’s NDIS plan will be based on the discussions you had in the planning meeting. The plan will have your current goals for your child, and the supports your child receives can help you pursue those goals.

Your child’s funded supports are based on their individual needs and the goals listed in the plan.

The next steps are to find the right supports for your child. For example, your child may have funding and may benefit from an occupational therapist, a speech pathologist, a psychologist, a physiotherapist etc.

Revive is a registered NDIS Provider and our psychologists are experienced at working with children and young people with complex disabilities under NDIS.

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