Parenting – Who to Talk to?

Whether they’re your first toddler or your third teenager, many parents face challenges in parenting. It’s normal to sometimes feel like you don’t know what to do or how to best support your child.
Every parent’s circumstances are different and there are no ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to parenting that will work for every child.
If your child needs help with things like fussy eating, tantrums, emotional outbursts, school attendance, making friends, or concentrating in class, a psychologist may be able to help you.

Who Can Help?

Psychologists work with parents and carers to learn new skills and understand different ways of reacting to challenging behaviour, with an aim of helping our kids feel safe, secure, and loved.
Parents of children with disabilities often face additional barriers due to their child’s complex needs or their unique way of seeing the world.
Psychologists at Revive have extensive experience working with children with different needs and abilities, including children diagnosed with autism, pathological demand avoidance, anxiety, and ADHD.

What Revive Can Offer

Our psychologists also offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment to talk about the challenges of parenting. We can also help parents resolve interpersonal issues with their partners with couples counselling.

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