Revive Health and Happiness is a registered NDIS provider for psychologists and dietitians

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for all Australians with disabilities.  This funding provides supports to enable people living with disabilities to achieve their social, recreational, or work goals.

Psychological Therapy

Therapy goals can vary from person to person.  Psychologists help people to learn psychological and social skills, as well as build confidence and self-belief, using psychological strategies.


The following examples are not exhaustive but may provide some ideas of how we help people:

  • Developing the confidence to join and participate in social or other groups

  • Learn specific psychological or social skills to engage in specific settings

  • To make healthier food choices, and feel motivated to exercise/ join a sporting team

  • Motivational interviewing strategies to change habits (smoking, eating, exercise, use of drugs or alcohol, eating to excess).

  • Social skills training to help people learn how to interact in a socially acceptable manner (social boundaries, social cues)

  • Independent living skills like being able to complete a shopping excursion

  • Transgender

Positive Behaviour Support Plans:

We also provide Positive Behaviour Support Plans, which help identify behavioural issues, and how behavioural change can be realised for specific individuals.  This usually involves working collaboratively with your support workers, carers and/ or support coordinators.


We also provide dietetics and can help with:

  • Diabetes, High Cholesterol and blood pressure, Obesity, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Meal preparation, modification, and planning

  • Renal and liver nutrition

  • Lifestyle and behavioural modification and support

Home Visiting Services

NDIS allows that travel costs can be invoiced for people requiring home visits due to their disability – we can generally provide home visiting to people who live within 30 minutes of our clinic in East Perth

Most people are referred via their Supporting Coordinator; however, you are welcome to self-refer.

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