How Can Seeing A Revive Health and Happiness Dietitian Help You?

Our dietitians are experts in the field of food and nutrition, providing guidance on how to appropriately manage diet, health conditions and allergies, with the aim of helping clients maintain their health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Our dietitians are accredited and can provide consults in our clinic or in the home, and work with clients who may be struggling dietetically due to a disability, health condition or who are fussy or resistant eaters. 

 Working closely with the client and using medical nutrition therapy to manage and prevent poor nutrition and related health issues through assessment of behavioural eating, providing education and advice and developing customised plans and strategies to meet their needs.

When Should I See a Dietitian?

There are several triggers that may lead to the benefit of seeking the support of a dietitian:

  • Newly diagnosed chronic disease

  • Signs that a chronic disease is not being managed

  • Significant weight change

  • Poor food intake/appetite or difficulty in preparing food

  • Changes in medication

Our psychologists and dietitians work together as your allied health team where appropriate, so you may wish to attend both, depending on your presenting issues to meet your health / psychological goals. 

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