Psychology Services

Individual psychology involves counselling and treating people presenting with diagnosed psychological conditions, where focus has moved from ‘there is something wrong with me’ to focusing on the normality of people experiencing stress and emotion.

Medicare/Private Health Insurance Rebates

Did you know it is just as beneficial to see your psychologist when you are feeling good, as it is when things are not going to plan.  Learn more about the rebates on offer.

Workers’ Compensation/Motor Vehicle

Sometimes there is more than meets the eye with an injury, and psychology treatment might be needed in the case of a workers’ compensation or motor vehicle claim.

Allied Health PD Training

Customised training, developed to meet the needs of other allied health professionals.

Revive Health & Happiness

We are a team that supports each client as an individual, with compassion and kindness, with the view of helping the client understand what resources they have, whilst building the skills to empower them to reach their goals.

Revive Health & Happiness

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it” Albert Schweitzer

A sense of well-being influences many of life’s domains; emotional, cognitive, psychological, physical, relational and spiritual. Is it time for you to Revive Your Health and Happiness?

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