Where to Get Help – Managing Child Behaviours

You’re not alone – many parents struggle to know what to do when their child behaves in ways that we find challenging, stressful or unexpected.

What Can be Done to Help Manage Challenging Children’s Behaviour

  • Psychologists care about children’s emotional and social wellbeing and development.
  • Psychologists can help you and your child develop strategies and new skills to solve complex conflicts occurring in the family.
  • For younger children, a psychologist may work closely with you to understand you and your child’s needs, and then work collaboratively to problem-solve challenging behaviours. For older children and teenagers, a psychologist may work 1:1 with the child or in a blended session with parents present.
  • Psychologists can also liaise with other therapists and institutions your child participates in, such as their school, to ensure holistic and consistent care across different environments.

Who Can Help?

Our experienced Psychologists and NDIS accredited Behaviour Support Practitioners at Revive, have worked extensively with children who display behaviours that are challenging etc.

Funding under NDIS, a GP Mental Health Plan or Private Health Fund

If your child has a NDIS plan, they may have funding under Early Childhood Intervention Supports or Specialist Behaviour Intervention Supports. Alternatively, you could utilise a Medicare Rebate with a mental health plan from your child’s doctor or use private health cover.

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