How To: Spend your Energy During the Festive Season

How To: Spend your Energy During the Festive Season

How To: Spend your Energy During the Festive Season

Yes it’s that time of year where festive season is here. Work functions, end of year celebrations and meeting up with family and friends. So many places to be, and so many things to do!

Here are some energy saving ideas ….

1. Be selective about which events you say yes to

This could be the time to review your “yes factor”. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve the good things in life – so being invited to share a relaxing time with friends and family – or going to that networking event (with free food and drinks and people you might not have seen all year) could be a great idea. If it’s an event that you find fun, relaxing, pleasurable you can think of it as filling up your energy cup.

2. Have a strategy ready for those events you feel obliged to go to

If the event is more of an obligation for you or you are feeling anxious about going, develop some strategies for how you will approach it.

Engage with others as soon as you can. Standing in the sidelines tends to give you too much time to think and overthink things.

Have a few conversation starters in mind….

Be mindful of who you would like to seek out, perhaps who you would enjoy most talking with in the past.

Recall some of the stories you’ve shared with others before and make use of what you already know about them as a bridge to get the conversation going.

Bring along a few of your entertaining or even humorous stories of your own that you might want to share with others.

If you can embrace a sense of fun and enjoyment you will tend to feel more energised. If your mind is constantly whinging you are likely to be draining your energy and not have a good time.

At the end of event congratulate yourself on what you did well and enjoy playing over on your mind the best parts.

Be mindful of your energy levels during the event. If you are an extrovert you may experience a sense of increased energy from connecting with others. If you are an introvert you may experience a sense of increased energy from having some time to yourself before, during or after the event.

3. The beauty or the challenge of family

At this time of year a lot of the people we see at Revive bring up the anticipation of family events

For some, the challenge with family is the anticipation repeat of conflict or criticism and misunderstanding. Often this is educated by their perception and experience of previous family events.

Sometimes it’s just the feeling that comes with knowing you have different values and interests to your family, so you may feel like the black sheep.

For some it’s the missing of a family member who has passed on, and them not being there.

Strategies to cope with family problems:

My best tip here is to go to the family event with the attitude of not really needing anything from those specific family events. Just turning up to the event with the idea of being yourself.

Perhaps validate yourself, and move on when a family member seems to lack the social skills required to enjoy a great connection with you.

Dealing with grieving

This can be a good time to remember your loved one, share some stories about them, remember some of your best times and celebrate that you’ve had love in your life. A special thing to have gratitude for.

If this involves shedding some tears allow the expression of feeling, validating that because you are a human being feelings are completely normal

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