How To: Access the New Medicare Funding for Eating Disorders

How To: Access the New Medicare Funding for Eating Disorders

How To: Access the New Medicare Funding for Eating Disorders

As of November 2019 more Medicare funding has been given for Eating Disorders.

The information we received regarding the new Medicare Items (from the Australian Psychological Society) says the following:

For Psychology:

– Patients can access an initial course of up to 10 rebated sessions provided their GP (or psychiatrist or paediatrician) has completed an Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plan.

– Another 10 sessions can be provided following review and a new referral (Totalling 20 sessions)

– Another 20 sessions require a specialist review with a psychiatrist (or paediatrician) as well as GP if appropriate. (Totalling 40 sessions for the 12 month period)

– Instead of being on a calendar year, it is from the date of the plan for 12 months

– Better Access/ GP Mental Health sessions are counted toward the 40 sessions.

For Dietetics:

– Patients can access up to 20 rebated sessions with a Dietitian.


– diagnosis of anorexia nervosa
– diagnosis of bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other specified feeding or eating disorder plus further eligibility as follows

1) frequent binge eating, or inappropriate compensatory behaviours ( more than 3 episodes per week)
2) rapid wight loss or frequent being eating or inappropriate compensatory behaviours (more than 3 times per week)

Further eligibility:

1) Must have a global Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q) score of three or higher and at least two indicators:
a) underweight with a body weight 86% of expected weight where weight loss is attributable to eating disorder
b) current/ high risk or medical complications due to eating disorder behaviours & symptoms
c) serious co-morbid medical or psychological conditions significantly impacting on medical or psychological health status with impacts on function
d) overnight inpatient admission for an eating disorder in the previous 12 months
e) inadequate treatment response to evidence based eating disorder treatment over the past six months despite active and consistent participation

Linda Johnson, Clinical Psychologist has completed two of the Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) training modules for eating disorders and would be happy to receive referrals such.

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