Ok, so I might be a little late on the train, but I’ve still made it. Recently (say the last 12 months or so) I have seen a rise in carbs copping some bad wrap when it comes to dieting. I thought this phase was over with the fall of the Atkins dieting craze back in the late 1970’s. But apparently its on the rise and making a comeback once again! As with all dieting fads they usually come and go like fashion (did someone say leopard print?). We can thank the Ketogenic Diet and Dr. Russell Morse Wilder for everyone hopping back on the bandwagon of high fat and protein and little-to-no carbohydrate dieting techniques for this latest one (cheers guys).

And so the sledging of the carbs re-emerged.

Extremely low carbohydrate eating has not been thoroughly researched and its effects long term health outcomes have unfortunately not been rigorously tested. Current Insta famous bloggers and influences sometimes think it beneficial to take a small research study finding and blow it out of proportion to sound like the most life-changing piece of nutrition information you will ever hear, see or read. Yes Pete Evans, we’re looking at you and your bone broth.

Although this is said, we can’t completely discredit the keto or low carb way of eating, as some studies do see some benefits for those who have type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. For the majority of us though, not so much.

So, why do we need Carbs anyway?

Most of the food we eat including breads, cereals, milk’s, yogurts, vegetables, fruits and sweets all contain some form of carbohydrates. There are different types of carbohydrates with a heap of different chemical properties which get digested differently in the body (I won’t bore you with the 1-0-1 of organic chemistry don’t worry).

What I will tell you however, is that carbohydrates not only contain energy that allow our cells, tissues, and organs to all function normally, but, some also help to decrease our chances of getting bowel and other forms of cancer, heart disease, many nutritional intolerances, gastrointestinal disorders and constipation (just to name a few of course). There are 1000’s of studies performed over 100’s of years that link consumption of certain types of carbohydrates to positive health outcomes, yet we still ignore these when Pete Evans pipes up and gives as the new latest health-crazed speech (I mean come on, bone broth, really?!).

I know its in our inherit human desires to always go for the ‘quick fix’ or saving grace diet/ food item that is going to cure all our worries, fears and insecurities and change our lives forever, BUT, unfortunately (I know this might come as a surprise) it’s not going to happen.
Please give it up.
Carbs are not the bad guy here.
It’s your insecurities and desire to strive to perfection that is.

Take home note:

For all of us wanting to drop 50 kilos in a month let’s accept any diet that claims to achieve this is probably not sustainable and most certainly not healthy. Let’s focus on portion control and a healthy- all-inclusive techniques. Enjoy your carbs and let’s leave the radical dieting crazes in the 1970’s (leopard print is okay though right?).


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