If the word “meditation” makes you think of tie-died t-shirts and flowers in your hair, read on because things have changed!

It is fair to say that some of us have been a little put off by a few decades of meditation being linked to particular religious and ‘spiritual’ movements. Without taking anything away from those groups (or the way they choose to use meditation), it is important for us in the science of psychology to explain that research confirms meditation, when practised in a specific way, can be very helpful in both coping with the challenging daily situations we all encounter and recovering from various forms of mental illness some of us suffer from time to time.

As all of our satisfied patients and clients know, the Revive team is committed to helping you achieve your goals using the best combination of evidence-based therapies available, including mindful meditation.

When it is appropriate, our psychologists provide guided meditations individually tailored for each client or patient as part of their regular sessions.

However, the Revive psychology team has also recorded a variety of meditations for more general issues that many of us share.

These include recordings to help you:

  • start your day in a positive frame of mind
  • take a break from a stressful situation at work or during the day
  • slow your thinking and relax into a deep and refreshing sleep

Each recording is in MP3 format which means they will play on almost any mobile phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer or of course, MP3 player such as an iPod.

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