Major change in our life can be both welcomed and celebrated (like the birth of a child, moving to a new location) or despairing and heart breaking (such as redundancy, relationship breakups, illness or a bereavement). Every situation of change brings with it an emotional, physical and even psychological reaction often catching us unaware.

Change affects everyone differently.

Depending on how we view these changes, our reactions can include pounding hearts, disrupted sleep patterns and feeling hyper twitchy, feeling more emotional than usual and physically exhausted. Managing our “normal” life – work, family and relationships often bear the brunt during times of stress and change.

Here are some self-care options to put into practice during these times of major change.

  • Support – spend time with supportive, understanding friends and family. Maintain contact with your usual interest groups; surround yourself with positive people;
  • Practice some daily relaxation – music, nature walks, reading.
  • Try some mindfulness – meditation, yoga, basic breathing strategies.
  • Do things you love
  • Exercise- helps release feel good endorphins to support a sense of wellbeing; encourages social interaction and is a healthy coping strategy

Have you experienced significant change in your life? Do you know someone who has had to deal with loss and change in their life and is struggling?

Revive Health and Happiness is offering a small group program in August to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of adults who are dealing with or who have experienced significant life changes.

Seasons for Growth is an innovative Australian grief and loss education program that uses the metaphor of Seasons to illustrate the experience of grief.

Using psychology, education and peer support, this small group program explores the cyclical nature of grief.

The sessions provide support and the space to:

  • Learn about how different people respond to change, loss and grief
  • Understand the range of grief reactions
  • Explore new approaches to dealing with change, loss and grief
  • Build communication, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Participate in a supportive network of peers and adults
  • Integrate their new learning into their relationships with family and friends

To enrol in the small group program in August, please contact us now.


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