Hypnosis has a saying that what we focus on, we magnify. For example, if we are focusing on how blue the sky is, we may not notice how grey the sky is in other parts of the sky. The more we focus on the beautiful sunny blue sky the more it becomes our focus and becomes our memory, which can be relived and enthuse good feelings.

Choosing what we focus our mind on can seem to be such an automatic thing, with people often saying, “my mind just goes there.”

Learning to train our minds to go to the best places can take conscious effort to begin with. In fact when you first begin to train your mind, your focus may be so unclear that your mind is back to the usual way of thinking within a millisecond.

Most people try a few times and give up. Add intense emotions of sadness, fear, anger or shame and it becomes even more difficult to maintain focus.

You can think of how the pathways in our mind, literally become used to doing the same thing, so it’s easier to go over the same neural pathways in our brain again and again – new ways of thinking will feel unfamiliar- uncomfortable even.

Even though you know you want to think more positively or happily your mind goes to the default way of thinking. It can be like catching the train to the same place everyday. If you were used to catching the train to Perth everyday you wouldn’t have to think about HOW to do that – you’d know which station to get on and off at and you could tune out while you were on the train- and then herd out of the train like a sheep with everyone else! Though if you were going somewhere new, maybe catching the train to Cottesloe to have a day at the beach! You’d need to plan out which train you needed to take and watch to make sure you didn’t miss your stop.

You wouldn’t be making your decisions on autopilot you’d need to be conscious of what you were doing.

Learning to train your mind can be assisted with self-suggestion and redirection of your thoughts which requires conscious awareness to do so. Psychological strategies like hypnosis, mindful meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy are all designed to help increase your focus and decision-making in the here and now to help you realise your goals whatever they may be. Helping you to acclimatise to feelings and ultimately make good decisions which help you to feel happier!


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