Food processing has been around since the beginning of time, to allow us to keep food for longer periods, enjoy on the run (in packets) and to be able to enjoy foods out of their natural country of origin or season.

How do these apple options measure up?

  • 1 Apple (64g) – 396kJ (95cal), 20g Carbohydrates, 4g fibre
  • Same Amount of Dried Apple (64g) – 801kJ (191cal), 43g Carbohydrates, 5.8g Fibre
  • 1 Glass of Apple Juice (275ml) – 358kJ (86cal), 20g Carbohydrated, 0.6g Fibre

Volume eating is a tool that has long been implemented by dietitians to get the most ‘bang for your back’ out of the food you’re eating. Fresh fruit, such as apples, make a great snack and are able to be eaten in considerably larger portions due to their water content, than their dried apple counterparts for the same amount of energy.

While I’m a big believer of volume eating, some days I just crave a sweet snack and unfortunately fresh apples just won’t cut it.

For those needing to add more energy into their diet in a smaller volume (weight) of food, dried apple is a great option. Dried apple also keeps for longer in the pantry and can be enjoyed all year round and has more fibre than many other dried fruit options (e.g. banana chips).

Apple juice is a sweet drink which has been processed to remove all the fibre from the apples and squeeze out the water and fructose (sugar) content of the fruit. I like mixing 100ml of apple juice with 250ml of soda water for a refreshing drink in summer when I feel like something more than water.

One medium sized glass of apple juice (275ml) has the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar. So if your goal is to lose weight or cut down on sugar in your diet, opt for fresh apples instead or have a smaller (100ml) portion.

Take home message: food processing is an amazing process and can completely change the structure and nutritional value of a food. When making choices about food in its natural or more processed states consider what your nutritional goals are and go from there.

This article was written by our Dietitian, Misty Reinkowsky. If you would like to book an appointment with Misty please feel free to contact us at Revive Health and Happiness.