It takes many colours to make a rainbow and likewise, many cultures to make the beautiful world in which we live. For many of our friends and colleagues, today – the 16th of February 2018 – marks the official first day of the Year of the Dog.

For our friends who won’t be directly celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend, why not use the occasion to pause for a moment and be mindful about some of the wonderful things you have enjoyed from other cultures – the food, fashion, language, music, environment, dance moves… we wonder if you can mentally list 5 things you enjoy that had its origin in a culture other than yours?

Regardless of where we live, the colour of our skin, language we speak and cultural history, we humans all have our ups and downs in life. While there are certainly professionals like the friendly team of psychologists who can help navigate that roller-coaster, sometimes it helps to just take a moment every day to disengage from the phone or TV and think about some of the things we enjoy – and what better way to be prompted than to recognise the celebrations observed by people with different backgrounds to our own?

The team at Revive Health and Happiness psychology hopes the Year of the Dog brings health and happiness to all of our patients, referrers, staff and friends.

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