Is YOGA for me?

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As a certified yoga instructor, I get a variety of responses when I introduce myself to someone new. There is always some interest in the benefits of yoga but unfortunately, one of the most common responses is, "YOGA? Pfffttt! I'm not flexible/relaxed/confident/X/Y/Z enough to do that". While that is sometimes a bit disheartening as a practitioner, [...]

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Managing Stress in Life

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What is stress? It is not uncommon for people to say they are feeling "stressed" at some time or another. Psychologically speaking, stress is not only very healthy but also one of the basic parts of learning and growth. Because that base level of stress is such a normal part of being human, not many of [...]

Quick office stretches with Lauren – Side body and lower back

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As part of Revive's holistic approach to health and happiness, we are always looking to extend our range of services beyond our primary psychological care. Lauren Hunter is a certified yoga instructor from Blissful Balance Yoga and is one of our wonderful allied health professionals helping us build a better you. We hope you enjoy [...]

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