A Guide to Help Your Mind Body Connection

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The connection between Mind and Body has been clear for some time. Our mental health can affect all parts of our life - our relationships at home and work, our self esteem and our physical health. Just like keeping our physical health in good condition there are strategies we can easily add to our day [...]

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How to conquer long-held fear (Radio interview)

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It’s amazing how long our minds hang on to the negative stuff that has happened in our lives as well as fears we have had. We know that when something negative happens and it’s distressing to us, our mind tends to create an unconscious plan to avoid it (the distressing emotion) from ever happening again. [...]

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It’s the “Season for Growth”

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Major change in our life can be both welcomed and celebrated (like the birth of a child, moving to a new location) or despairing and heart breaking (such as redundancy, relationship breakups, illness or a bereavement). Every situation of change brings with it an emotional, physical and even psychological reaction often catching us unaware. Change [...]

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Managing Stress in Life

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What is stress? It is not uncommon for people to say they are feeling "stressed" at some time or another. Psychologically speaking, stress is not only very healthy but also one of the basic parts of learning and growth. Because that base level of stress is such a normal part of being human, not many of [...]

6 risk factors for Postnatal Depression

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What is postnatal depression? For many people becoming a mother (or parent) is a mixed experience. For some, one of life's most joyful experiences also becomes one of their most challenging.  Psychologists know that any difficult experience increases the risk of a person developing some level of anxiety or depression. Postnatal depression (PND) and depression [...]

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Psychological coping strategies – What school doesn’t teach us about happiness!

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There are many ways that we each learn to respond or react to different situations, usually from a young age, so that our "coping strategy" becomes so automatic that it becomes unconscious to us. It can be like a "blind spot" like we have when we drive, you don't know what you are not seeing. [...]