Is YOGA for me?

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As a certified yoga instructor, I get a variety of responses when I introduce myself to someone new. There is always some interest in the benefits of yoga but unfortunately, one of the most common responses is, "YOGA? Pfffttt! I'm not flexible/relaxed/confident/X/Y/Z enough to do that". While that is sometimes a bit disheartening as a practitioner, [...]

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Managing Stress in Life

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What is stress? It is not uncommon for people to say they are feeling "stressed" at some time or another. Psychologically speaking, stress is not only very healthy but also one of the basic parts of learning and growth. Because that base level of stress is such a normal part of being human, not many of [...]

What is ‘Flow’ and how can it improve your life?

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What is Flow? The concept of Flow was developed by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It describes a state of mind where an individual engaged in a challenging task, feels that their performance ‘flows’, is effortless, that they are making progress and has the experience of being fully absorbed. People in the Flow state of mind report [...]

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The Psychology of Trauma: Resolving flashbacks

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Flashbacks often occur after a person has been involved in a stressful incident or trauma, which either threatened their safety or that of someone else. Over the years I have seen lots of people who have come to see me due to experiencing a trauma reaction, which includes flashbacks.  Examples include people working in jobs [...]

Ask a friend now: RU OK?

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We all need to know that someone cares. Ask a friend now: RUOK? Revive is very proud to support RUOK day 2017. Head over to for heaps of information and downloads to help you get started.

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Managing Stress in Life

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It is not uncommon for most people to feel stress at some time or another. What we are referring to is that feeling of being overwhelmed by our work or life situation or that feeling of being tense and wound up and perhaps overreacting to what are normal situations. Too much stress over a prolonged [...]

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Positive Psychology – Helping people feel good!

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While the science of Psychology has offered explanations of how and why things are not right with people, Positive Psychology offers us an understanding of how and why things go right. Martin E.P Seligman, often referred to as the founder of positive psychology, describes it as: “The scientific study of optimal human functioning that aims [...]

Quick office stretches with Lauren – Side body and lower back

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As part of Revive's holistic approach to health and happiness, we are always looking to extend our range of services beyond our primary psychological care. Lauren Hunter is a certified yoga instructor from Blissful Balance Yoga and is one of our wonderful allied health professionals helping us build a better you. We hope you enjoy [...]

Workers compensation – Accessing psychological treatment

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Workers compensation can be available to people who have been physically or psychologically injured during the course of their work. An "injury" most commonly means a significant and unexpected change to a person’s life in terms of: restricted work options restricted activities no longer able to do all the tasks that they would normally be [...]

Saying Goodbye to someone with Cancer

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To simply hear the word cancer can send fear into our hearts and minds. Many people know someone who has suffered with cancer, me included. Sometimes the feelings of grief and loss can feel like the end of our happiness, but psychologists can do a lot to help manage the pain of watching a loved-one [...]