How To: Overcome a Fear of Flying

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Many fears that we experience are natural and adaptive, and built in, in order to protect us. We all know that unlike birds, we weren’t naturally born to fly. Fears are a warning signal and can be useful when they give us pause to consider and protect us from accidents or danger. Our distant ancestors [...]

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Depression – Am I Depressed?

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Life can be hard sometimes. We all have periods of our life where we feel sad, lethargic, unmotivated or experience low mood from time to time. Depression can develop into a serious mental health issue and typically includes a persistent low mood and feelings of sadness for longer than two weeks, as well as negative [...]

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How Food Processing Affects Your Food

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Food processing has been around since the beginning of time, to allow us to keep food for longer periods, enjoy on the run (in packets) and to be able to enjoy foods out of their natural country of origin or season. How do these apple options measure up? 1 Apple (64g) - 396kJ (95cal), 20g [...]

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Putting the Intimacy Back into Your Relationship

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As Shawn Mendes and Camilo Cabello serenade each other in their song, “Senorita” they are highlighting the importance of “matching” your partner - knowing what they may like and matching it. For instance, this can be in words, body language or facial expression. - And In their case to be alluring and attentive in meeting [...]

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Managing your Reactions

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Remember the last time you reacted to feeling annoyed, outraged, angry, under attack or sad? During stressful times and for most of us that could be often or daily. Maybe yesterday on the phone when sorting out an issue with finances or banking, or dealing with difficult family circumstances. Managing your feelings and reactions can [...]

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Too Busy for Mindfulness?

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Too Busy for Mindfulness? That’s me. Or so I thought for quite a long time… And I rarely sit still for any length of time. It turns out that practicing mindfulness does not have to be time consuming…or rigid or boring. It can be as simple as actively paying attention as you go about your [...]

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How To: Manage Feeling Intense Emotion

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Fear is a natural human emotion, and like any emotion knowing how to approach the feeling is key. Steps to preparing for a stressful situation : When you find yourself feeling an emotion of a high intensity, or if you are pushing yourself to confront a situation that you expect to find stressful, it is [...]

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Visualisation: Improvement by Imagining

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Did you know that you can get better at something, simply by just IMAGINING yourself doing it? I’m not kidding you; it’s a process called ‘visualisation.’ It’s like having a rehearsal in your mind. So how does this work? The answer is neural plasticity. I know it might sound quite science-y and complex, but it's [...]

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Things to Think About When You’re Injured

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No one asks to be injured. One of the most difficult psychological factors is adjusting to what an injury means, in terms of limitations caused by the injury and what being injured stops you from doing. People often describe feeling frustrated and becoming a bit “stir crazy” when they’re unable to do the activities they [...]

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What is Emotional Eating?

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We don’t always eat to just satiate our hunger. Sometimes we use food to meet emotional needs, or to relieve stress and boredom, or to cope with unpleasant emotions like sadness, anger, loneliness, frustration – the list can be long. Emotional eating provides a release from discomfort and gives a brief sense of relief or [...]

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