The psychology of self harming teens

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Self harming Teens – what’s it all about? Teenagers who self harm typically describe either a surge of emotions which can be overwhelming or an absence of feeling, described as feeling “numb”.  Sometimes the behaviour can be viewed by others as a way of seeking attention, though for lots of people who self harm it [...]

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Scared of needles? Needle phobia? How we can help

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Let's talk about needle phobia Over the last few weeks I've visited a number of medical practices to establish good working relationships between our new practice and doctors, nurses, allied health and admin staff. I’ve met a lot of really good people who I can see, like me, enjoy helping patients to get to a [...]

Saying Goodbye to someone with Cancer

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To simply hear the word cancer can send fear into our hearts and minds. Many people know someone who has suffered with cancer, me included. Sometimes the feelings of grief and loss can feel like the end of our happiness, but psychologists can do a lot to help manage the pain of watching a loved-one [...]