Understanding Change and Loss

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Life is full of changes and with it can also come loss and grief. How individuals react to change and loss is different for everyone and the impact can affect every aspect of our being. We all understand that change is inevitable and that it can bring positive growth as well as difficult times but [...]

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Mindless Eating

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What is it? As humans there are a huge number of factors that can determine what, when, and why we eat. Mindless eating, also known as “non-hungry eating”, refers to when we are eating for any reason other than actual physical hunger. Approximately 40-80% of the eating we do is mindless eating and we do [...]

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How to: Stop Procrastinating

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Are you avoiding learning how to stop procrastinating? Procrastination or Avoidance can be a painful human experience – everyone does it at some point, even the most motivated person. Why do we procrastinate? Three of the most common reasons for procrastinating are either: Boredom (we are avoiding the effort involved in doing the thing) Magnifying [...]

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How to: Make Friends and Date with Confidence

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Most people that I speak to in the psychology office, say that they would like to become more confident to make friends or begin dating someone. Shy, avoidant or anxious people are most likely to miss out on making friends because they believe that when people don’t approach them or instantly respond in the way [...]

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