Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

The team at Revive has developed an informative and enjoyable group programme offering a mix of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindful mediation and hypnosis, with view to understanding yourself, and navigating through the emotions and thoughts associated with depression and anxiety. The programme involves learning about your established coping patterns, and learning to broaden your repertoire to new and helpful coping strategies.

Beginners course is offered over 5 weekly sessions or as a full day course.

Intermediate course – follows on from the beginners course, deepening the understanding and practice of learning helpful coping strategies for overcoming depression and anxiety with the support of Lisa and the group.

Intermediate course is offered either over 5 weekly sessions or as a full day course.

Hypnotbirthing / hypnosis for childbirth preparation

This programme is available both as individual sessions and for groups of women from 32 weeks (partners welcome)

Social Anxiety Group

Coming very soon – contact us now to express your interest and make sure you are informed when it is available.