Carla Bormolini
Registered Psychologist B.A., B.Psych

Experienced in working with

  • children and adolescents in school settings.
  • adults in work settings/ family/ relationships/ other

Particular areas of focus:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma counselling
  • Grief and Loss associated with:
    • bereavement
    • terminal illness
    • relationship break up
    • separation, divorce and impact on families
  • Transitions in life such as:
    • changing jobs or schools
    • retirement
    • becoming a new parent
  • Disability related issues
  • School related issues such as school refusal, Exam Preparation/ Stress, bullying
  • Couples counselling

Carla is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience working across a range of areas including the management of stress and anxiety, depression, loss and grief and in various mental health, family and adult counselling contexts. From 1998 this work and experience has included working in educational settings (both mainstream and adult), in community environments supporting parents and families and more recently in the corporate area. Carla has a good understanding of how schools operate and the pressures on students, teachers and parents in managing mental health, academic concerns and developing positive wellbeing and resilience.

Carla has always enjoyed a busy working and family life, centred around the importance of good health and happiness and being actively engaged with family and friends.

She has travelled extensively throughout both the vast areas of our state and country and across different parts of the world. As an ongoing passion, she continues to do so whenever the opportunity affords, travelling most often to Europe, Japan, Asia and the Pacific, enjoying the experience of different cultures and landscapes with her husband and two adult sons. A number of years working in WA’s picturesque North West also provided fantastic opportunities to experience the magical offshore and inland camping, boating, fishing and of course red dirt!

Carla is a lifelong learner who appreciates the value of reading across new areas of psychological research and skills. Often this also extends to simply reading a good book. Teaching, training and mentoring young people is a particular passion that comes from seeking to develop a person’s capabilities and confidence.

A genuine empathy and care towards helping others characterises Carla as a person. Positive and practical in her approach to life, she always seeks the best in situations and in those around her. Enjoying good times in the company of family and friends is a favourite past time.

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