Revive is a newly launched psychology practice, encapsulating Principal Clinical Psychologist Lisa Irving’s 24 years experience in psychology, and ideas of how to reach and benefit more people.   Psychological services will include individual counselling, group therapy and training programmes in a range of psychological areas designed to prevent psychological problems, teach people how to work with their emotions and treat psychological problems.

While the reason that people attend counselling is often as individual as the people themselves, commonly stated reasons include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • eating disorders
  • grief
  • relationship or parenting issues
  • work stress
  • chronic pain
  • problems coping with a serious illness or injury

People themselves may be aware of examples of how stress affect’s people

  • feeling lost
  • poor concentration
  • worrying
  • feeling down
  • having trouble sleeping
  • over or under eating
  • experiencing physical stress
  • being grumpier or often crying
  • feeling withdrawn
  • avoiding things and feeling a sense of relief when avoid
  • feeling helpless or hopeless.

The most important question

And what is the most important question?

We know that when you make the decision to attend, that we will be able to provide psychological services which teach you how to navigate your emotions and thoughts in a helpful way.

So what is the most important question? It is a question designed to remind you that you are the one who makes the decisions that determine how your life will be.  Remembering that any one decision can have a ripple effect through your life.  Even not deciding is a decision in itself.

And the question is, “ How do you talk yourself into doing something that takes bravery?”

The question acknowledges that for most people, particularly those who have not seen a psychologist before, that an image of fear is developed.  Fear causes people to avoid, withdraw, blame or dispute (the value of doing something helpful) resulting in inaction.  Learning something new about yourself can create change.

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